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Having Symbols that represent our Potentiials will make it easier to explore and improve the Spirit.
Symbols are external manifestations of our the internal Aspects of Spirit. Symbols allow us to look at our personality, by holding a mirror to our personality and allowing us to see our traits. By externalizing our internal traits, Symbols can represent our traits and assist us to explore and improve our Spirit.
As pictures to describe personality traits, Symbols are worth thousands of words.
The Buddha is a wonderful Symbol for Enlightenment.
Learning Symbols of growth is only part of the process, it isn't the endpoint.
The endpoint is using the Symbols to help you make changes in yourself to Become Better.
Well known Symbols already exists to represent a Progressing Spirit, so why reinvent the wheel.

Kilroy says ...

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Lama of Awareness

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

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