The Elements of a progressing Ego The 7 Elements thru each Phase of every Potential

Every Phase thru a Potential can be further sub-divided into 7 Elements.

Developing thru the Elements of each Phase develops a Foundation
to progress to even higher
Potentials, so avoid Fixation.

Being the Ideal develops Curiosity to Become Even More. Curiosity is the doorway into higher growth. (out of a Phase)
  Feeling develops Merging of all Elements into the Ideal
  Knowing develop Feeling  Having the Feeling for the Improvement, now develops the Ideal of Amalgamating all of these traits into personality
  Doing Actions develops Knowing  Having the Thought of an Improvement to the Methods, now develops the Feeling of the Improvement  
  Desire develops Doing Actions to achieve Desire  Having the Ability to achieve your Desire, you now develop the Thoughts to improve upon your Methods  
Awareness develops Desire  Having the Motivation to achieve your Desire prepares you to develop the Methods to achieve your Desire  

Awareness is your Entrance into every Phase. Awareness is the door into every Phase of Ego (into a Phase)

 No one expects an Ego Inquisition ...

Explore an expanded view of the 7 Elements, or the 28 Degrees through every Potential.

Explore your Potentials for a Progressing Ego thru a of Signs and

Enhance this exploration ... Personalize it, make it your own progression thru your Potentials.
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